Saturday, July 5, 2008

Foods For IBS

Helpful Foods

1. Fish 11. Bran
2. Green vegetables 12. Bananas
3. Other vegetables 13. Chicken
4. Non-citrus fruit 14. Bland foods
5. Rice 15. Salad
6. Citrus fruit 16. Potatoes
7. Brown bread 17. White bread
8. Yoghurt 18. Porridge
9. Cereals 19. Apricots, dates, figs & prunes
10. Pasta 20. Biscuits

Foods to Avoid.

1. Spicy foods 11. Pulses (beans, lentils etc)
2. Fried and fatty foods 12. Vegetables (non green)
3. Greens 13. Brown bread
4. Citrus fruit 14. Salad
5. Cheese 15. Nuts
6. Onions and leeks 16. Sweets & desserts
7. Cereals 17. Beef
8. Non citrus fruit 18. White bread
9. Chocolate 19. Eggs
10. Bran 20. dairy products

Decrease your fat consumption.

by eating more olive oil products and polyunsaturated fat, stay away from saturated fats. eat lean meat, and cut away any fat before you cook it. take off the skin from chicken before cooking it and stay away from processed meat like sausages, burgers, , meat pies. Eat fish and chicken. Do not use fat to cook, instead steam, boil, grill instead of frying or roasting. Use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk and low fat yoghurt. and plenty of vegetables.
Avoid salad cream and oil based dressings. Use low fat cheeses, Use low fat sauces . Cut down or cut out on fatty snacks ( crisps, biscuits, cakes)

Avoid sugar and sugary foods

and avoid sugary foods and sugar, only artificial sweeteners to sweeten foods and tea or coffee. Drink only diet cold drinks and unsweetened fruit juices. Avoid jam, marmalade, syrup and honey. Avoid sweetened breakfast cereals. increase your fibre intake by eating high fibre cereals and wholemeal breads. Eat lots of raw fruit and vegetables. Try using wholemeal pasta or some brown rice. Drink plenty of fluids especially water.(1500 - 2000ml/day)

Drink less alcohol

Try low alcohol or non alcoholic drinks instead.
Concentrate on drinking slowly. Keep drinking alcohol for special occasions or weekends. Don't be tempted to snack while drinking.

Eat less salt.

Do not put salt on your food at the table. Rather put salt on your food when you cook it
and do not over use it

To decrease your salt intake Use less salt in cooking.

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